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Cleaning up the Epoch Games Forum

Postby names_are_useless » 12 Oct 2015, 20:50

To all Epoch Games Fans:

We are doing some major spring cleaning. We recognize that the forums have been neglected for several months now, but we feel its time for a new start.

You may recognize a lack of a few forums:
  • The Epoch Games News forum has been removed. It was considered irrelevant, as you can find all our news on our Epoch Games Blog.
  • The Epoch Games Applications forum has been removed. This does not mean we are not looking for new team members! On the contrary: we simply believe they are now unnecessary to have, as we will very soon be instituting a new way we handle applicant submissions (for now, just email me: and CC
  • There are no more Public Claims. If you wish to contribute to the project, but don't believe you have the time commitment necessary to join the team, please contact me at and we can speak further.
And please do feel free to discuss the project on the forums here. Whether it be questions about The Lays of Althas: Sundered Order game, suggestions for it, etc.

I know its also been awhile since we last posted an update on our IndieDb page or our website. Believe me, we're still developing, but we have been going through some major organizational changes. I can't promise when we'll post an update, but we hope it will be a significant one.

Thank you,
The Epoch Games Team
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