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Welcome to the Althas Wiki

This is the official wiki for The Lays of Althas: Sundered Order (or LoA:SO for short), an in-development computer RPG game set in an original medieval low-fantasy setting, being developed by Epoch Games. The game is currently being developed under Epic Games's Unreal Engine 4. This wiki contains information about the game's lore, gameplay, and development. In the future, we would like to have community features.

If you have any questions, please check the FAQ before asking elsewhere (you can also send us an email). If you want to help with the content of the wiki, then please read the Help:Editing pages.

The word Althas is in regards to the name of the planned playable continent in the game.

At this time, the wiki is private only to Epoch Games team members (with few exceptions). This will eventually change in the future.

Latest News

The Error is Gone?
7 March 2018   By: Admin
I haven't made any configuration changes or downloaded any new extensions. And yet I was able to upload an image above 1 MB.

I guess I'm really not sure what causes the "500 Internal Server Error." Maybe it's the resolution size of the image? I'm not sure. Glad I haven't run into it since December 2017.

500 Internal Server Error
8 December 2017   By: Admin
If you're trying to Upload a file, and the file is greater than 300 KB (smaller files have not caused this problem for myself), chances are you might be receiving a "500 Internal Server Error."

Currently investigating, looking for a solution.

Forum & GitLab Fun!
17 September 2017   By: Admin
We have a new Discourse Forum, on a faster server, and this time with SSL authentication (sadly, we lost all our old posts). Pydio has been discontinued.

GitLab is also up, but will take time before we begin migrating from SVN. Yes, we will likely be retiring SVN once we decide we like GitLab.

Forum & Pydio are down
31 August 2017   By: Admin
Wish I came with better news ... it's a mixed bag.

The Bad News: Probably not the best place to mention this, but for team members wondering why they can't access the Discourse Forum or Pydio ... they're both down. The hard drive on the server running them is (very likely) dead.

The Good News: The Forum will be rebuilt on a new, more reliable server (although its contents may be lost to the ether, but verdict is still out on that). Pydio may no longer be necessary whatsoever, as a special new environment for project management is being created by one of our team members that may actually replace both SVN and Pydio altogether! Also, this server crash has (obviously) not effected the wiki here, our SVN, website, our old forum, and obviously not any third-party online tools we use.

More news will be posted when it comes; let's cross our fingers that at least the Discourse backup files are recoverable.

We got Widgets
28 June 2016   By: Admin
So what are Widgets, and why should you care? Well, a "Widget ... allows the creation of raw HTML pages that can be embedded (similarly to templates) in normal wiki pages." This extension means that we can embed 3rd party site tools to wiki articles, such as Google Docs), Social Media (Facebook, Twitter), Video (Youtube, Vimeo), and more!

As of this News post, we only have Google Spreadsheet right now, but I forsee us using many more.

For a full list, see the Widgets Catalog.

We've Upgraded! (finally)
26 June 2016   By: Admin
Wow its been a long time since I've updated the news. Don't fear: the wiki does get attention (Special:RecentChanges is proof of this), it just doesn't get much noteworthy news updates. This one, however, is certainly an exception.

We've finally updated the wiki! From unsupported version 1.20.2 to version 1.26.3. Its been a long time coming!

We've updated for several reasons: security purposes, updated extensions, and the addition of MediaWiki Widgets (Coming Soon to a wiki near you)!

Naturally, there are probably still a few bugs under the hood that I haven't initially noticed. Because of this: if you find any major errors, please email me or (for team members) message me (Matt N) on Slack.

EDIT: Also changing the default skin to "Vector" as opposed to "Monobook" (Monobook has had some display issues with the recent update). If you prefer Monobook, or want something different, we do have several choices under Special:Preferences to choose from. A custom skin for this wiki is a future goal still.

Click here for Old News before 2016.